Friday, November 10, 2006

Magic Grass

The Magic Grass Band (Psychedelic Groovy Rock)
Tracks: Explicit / Just Around Midnight / Southern Comfort
(Demos, 2006)

Proof that postmodern groove is alive and well in
Kyoto, Japan, The Magic Grass Band are a Japanese-Canadian-Italian-Panamanian (!) psychedelic-funk-rock collective who found each other, it seems, in Japan’s cultural capital. Can’t be bad. Though they exhibit roots in early Floyd, jazz-fusion and Latino funk, these musical misfits are ravers at heart, hence the overtones of electronica and trippy ambience in the mix. Best track (these are demos, I think) is Explicit (instrumental), an agreeably funky workout which gives more than a passing nod to Santana and Bitches Brew-era Miles. In fact that might be a Miles Davis sample establishing the groove, which proves these guys (and a gal) have impeccable taste.

Not sure whether it's the magic or the grass, but Aya, the singer, coos alluringly, backed by a solid rhythm section and propulsive guitar by Oli, who lays down a mean wah-wah.

Unfortunately, the Magics have seen fit to tease us by posting only the first six and three quarter bars of this song on their web site, but listen and you'll get the general idea. If you like what you hear, their album is due out in December, so save up your yen and you'll be able to make it a Cool Yule for Aya and her friends. How do you say "Merry Christmas" in Japanese, anyway?

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