Tuesday, December 12, 2006

War, cars and football

Tall Pony (Psycho-Art-Rock)
iPod Choice: I'm Your Boyfriend Now (2006)
Winner: Best Band Name Category

Now this is what I miss about British culture. A record which sounds amateurishly homemade yet utterly hip and and gets played on mainstream radio (I first heard it on the BBC).

Invoking in their twisted poptones the ghosts of Cabaret Voltaire and Public Image Ltd, Tall Pony (actually two chaps from Cheltenham named Tony and Paul, heh-heh) deliver menacing ultimatums to a new girlfriend: "We will talk about war, cars and football". Creepy, amusing and utterly wonderful.

I'm Your Boyfriend Now can be heard on oloRadio.
Tall Pony at MySpace: http://myspace.com/123806710


Gromit's Grandad said...

Very interesting, Mr.Le Soy. I'll have to check it out. May I ask you, what are you top CDs of this year?

Shiffi Le Soy said...

Ah, thank you, Grandad. I LOVE lists. I'll give it some thought.

Steven said...

Shiffi: Toooon!!

This is the Scandalest Bag here, trying to locate my previous identity to reclaim my blog from an old broken PC!

Downloaded this on your recommendation - listened to it at the same time as having a semi-serious conversation with my wife. Unfortunately the lyrics kept seeping into my consciousness, rendering me sobbing with hysterics. A very funny record - hope they meant it that way...

stoibee said...

Shiffi - can't remember how to access my old Scandal Bag blog. Have started again at http://www.stoibee.blogspot.com/ instead. keep in touch!

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I have listened to it and its actually very nice.