Tuesday, March 18, 2008

If I Were a Carpenter

Bobby Darin (Pop)
Track: If I were a Carpenter (1966)

The final result: Japanese craftsmanship at its best

Westerners have long been charmed by Japan's legendary beauty: the subtle eroticism of the geisha, the iconic majesty of ukiyo-e, and the delicate balance of the Zen garden, where one hardly knows where nature ends and art begins.

Japanese design has deeply affected famous artists like Van Gogh, Gaugin and Frank Lloyd Wright, inspiring radical concepts of organic and modular design. It would be no exaggeration to say Japanese style is the defining influence on modern day minimalism. In addition, Japanese cooking has had a huge impact on nouvelle and fusion cuisine.

The apotheosis of Japanese aesthetic achievement is to be found in my kitchen, where my landlord recently installed a splendid new faucet and wall panel. With the assistance of two hardy workmen, he was able to achieve wonders in seven hours of concentrated application.

After viewing the photo above, I'm sure you can imagine how humbling it was to witness such dedicated craftsmanship. Words failed me and I could only gasp in awestruck admiration.

It was then that the words of American crooner Bobby Darin came to mind.
Ah! If only I were a carpenter.

Listen: Bobby Darin, "If I Were a Carpenter" SEE PLAYLIST


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Anonymous said...

Great blog - nice to hear this story again but - what's with the use of 'faucet' ... it's a TAP!

don't forget yer eritage


stoibee said...

Yo Shiffi

Maybe Nintendo's hero would have been more accurately called "Mediocre Mario"? The alliteration is better if nothing else. Here's a link to the t-shirt that goes with this post: http://www.threadless.com/product/824/Keeping_It_Real - it's not more surround sound systems I promise!

Shiffi Le Soy said...

Thanks Stoibee, I checked out the t shirt. Peeeerfect!!

Shiffi Le Soy said...
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