Sunday, December 10, 2006

Tantric Turn-on

Karma Moffett (Meditation/Spiritual/Tantric Sex)
LP: Golden Bowls (1995)

I had the great pleasure of meeting Mr. Moffett in his Tibetan goods shop on Polk Street, San Francisco in the early 90s. Golden Bowls was playing in the background and I was immediately entranced by its meditative otherwordliness. Like his music, Mr. Moffett communicated a calming and spiritual presence. He ushered me into his inner sanctum for some Jasmine tea and Tibetan Yak cheese.

Far removed from the banality of 'new age' music, Golden Bowls preserves the depth and spirituality of Tibetan bells, never diluting their essence. Indeed, this LP is a marvellous accompaniment for meditation, relaxation, Tantric couplings or any other intimate moments. Recorded live at the Land of the Medicine Buddha Monastery, Golden Bowls is a classic of the genre.

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