Friday, July 27, 2007

Orgy of Rhythm

Fuji Rock 2007: Part 3
GOMA & Jungle Rhythm Section

One of the great pleasures of attending a festival is stumbling upon great new acts. While we are wandering through the forest a crescendo of trancey bongos and didgeridoo suddenly erupts. Our ears prick up and we follow the sound to the Green Stage, where the superb Japanese percussion band Goma & Jungle Rhythm Section are in full flow.

Band leader Goma is an impressive didgeridoo virtuoso and his sound is intriguingly blended with drums and percussion to create an orgy of rhythm, each tune building slowly to a fantastic crescendo. The drummer in particular is superb, and his face expresses an ecstasy of pleasure mixed with pain as he pushes himself to his rhythmic limits.

A woman in front of me is wearing a towel which reads 'No Music No Life' and that seems entirely appropriate at this moment.
Goma & Jungle Rhythm Section are a great live band and provided an energizing start to our Fuji Rock experience.

Lunch: veggie curry and nan bread from the Avalon Field. 7 out of 10

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