Saturday, July 28, 2007

Wallies and Wellies

Fuji Rock 2007: Part 8

Kula Shaker

You welly look good, baby

"Hey, didn’t these wallies break up?"

"Yeh, but they reformed. Like The Stooges."

I don’t really care either way about Kula Shaker, but I got nothing better to do while my buddy goes on an important scouting mission for Indian food, so let's check 'em out.

I just woke from my nap, but it doesn't stop me realizing Kula Shaker are still leaning heavily on their first album as they open with Hey Dude, my favorite track. I also notice the keyboard-player is wearing a very annoying cape. Even at 300 yards it's offending my couturial sensibilities. There's never a fashion policeman around when you need one.

My mind wanders as I peruse the crowd. Some people are on their feet, vaguely swaying back and forth, though you couldn't call it dancing. Most are ignoring the band and chatting amongst themselves.

I muse that newcomers to Japan would be astonished to see festival-goers innocently leaving their possessions lying on their plastic sheeting while they run off to the portapotties or grab a bite to eat. I spy handbags, cameras, binoculars, designer sunglasses and expensive camping supplies lying around with their owners nowhere to be seen. I'd like to see 'em try that shit at Glastonbury.

I'm shaken from my musings by the sound of loud rock music. Oh yeah, Kula Shaker are still on stage. I quite enjoy the final number, Govinda, but its title reminds me that my friend should be back with the Indian food soon. Kula Shaker's songs work fine as ear candy but don't sustain my interest for long, certainly not as long as the rather fetching hordes of Japanese girls sporting the latest fad - designer wellies!

Tea: Tandoori Chicken, Veggie Pakoras, Veggie Samosas. 9 out of 10.


Anonymous said...

do the bois were designer wellies, too?

Shiffi Le Soy said...

Yes, they do, but somehow not quite so alluringly.