Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Good Vibes

Live: The Wild Cards (Americana)
McLoughlin's, Kyoto

Franco-American-Canadian-Japanese alt.country outlaws The Wild Cards usually rock out (every 3rd Thursday) at Honky Tonk, an authentic western tavern on the northern reaches of Kyoto. Last Saturday night they moseyed a little further south to entertain the townsfolk at McLoughlins’s Irish bar.

If the Irish have anything in common with the Japanese - apart from enjoying the occasional tipple - perhaps it’s their mutual love of country music, and the joint sure was hopping as the Cards dug into their repertoire of American classics.

You never quite know which musicians are gonna show at a Wild Cards performance - the guys have a kinda revolving door policy - but you can be sure a) you're gonna hear some durn good music and b)
founding members John Kuzel (USA) and Bob Talbot (Canada) will be holding the fort front of stage while their buddy Jean-Francois Simonnet (France) plays drums discreetly in back.

Bob was lassoed into sharing front man duties with John some time ago
, but he took to it faster than a Texan tornado. That's not surprising since he has an impressive country pedigree, his bro’ being Dolly Parton's banjo player.

The Wild Cards' have plenty other aces up their sleeve: a mighty "Yeehaw" to 'Big Daddy' Otsuka on lead guitar, the excellent 'Jerry Walsh' on dobro and Kimito 'Doc' Izoe on dog house bass. Them's all local boys, dontcha know.

I wish I could tell you exactly which songs the Wild Cards played, but the truth is I got so swept up in the good vibes - dancing away and sampling the occasional tequila tonic - that I clean forgot to take notes.

Aw what the hell. The main thing is, there wuz some fine music goin' down and a swell time was had by all. Yessiree, The Wild Cards is their name. Why don't y'all check 'em out?


KC said...

I was there! Twas a good night and a great band.

jf said...

Eh Shiffi Le Soy, that is a great article... and I totally recalled the way you described it (I was there too). a fine band and a tasty "brochette" of musiciens... but you know the great audience did make those guys wilder and that evening at Mc Loughlin people were up for something memorable. Cheers U all and be sure it will happen again.

Shiffi Le Soy said...

Merci beaucoups, monsieur! J'espere que vous avez passe un bons temps avec Les Wilds cards! Allons y!

Shiffi Le Soy said...

Monsieur Simonnet, pardonez moi pour le faute d'orthographe! J'ai corrige l'erreur!