Friday, February 12, 2010

Inspirational Everyman

Live: Goldie (Drum and bass)
Triangle, Osaka, Japan

During its twenty-year history, no artist has done more to spread the gospel of drum and bass than Goldie. From his beginnings as a talented breakdancer and graffiti artist to his groundbreaking productions - including a drum and bass symphony inspired by Polish modernist composer Gorecki - he is constantly evolving and never less than intriguing. 

Among many collaborations, Goldie has worked with David Bowie, Noel Gallagher and KRS-One. He has even found success as an actor and TV presenter,  including one of my favorite Goldie moments - his hilarious documentary about bacon and eggs!

But tonight we are here for the music, and Osaka’s Triangle Club is packed with the friendly party animals who are typical of the drum and bass crowd, and who respond to its edgy message of emotional release and community.

Goldie comes on at 2.30 and delivers a superbly paced set which blends the usual frenetic beats - perfect for a chaotic melee down the front  - with blissfully chilled out interludes. The audience is appropriately outta control, bouncing and careering all over the place. This is as close to techno nirvana as you are gonna get.

When his set is over Goldie steps into the crowd to receive homage from his groove posse. Famously good-natured, he has endeared himself to his fans through his indomitability, rootsy optimism and enthusiasm. Squealing with excitement, cute Japanese girls kiss and embrace him and even we two grown-up kids get to hug and chat with the great man.

When he finds out we are from Kyoto, he tells us he’ll be dj-ing there tomorrow. In fact he’s been misinformed and he’ll be in Tottori before heading to Tokyo. As we’re talking I’m thinking “Whoah, this guy has dated Bjork and Naomi Campbell.” Nevertheless he’s one of the most likeable, genuine ‘celebrities’ I’ve met and a truly inspirational everyman.

Video: Goldie Interview

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