Monday, July 27, 2009

21st Century Pop

Fuji Rock 2009
M83 (Electro-pop)

What's that incredible sound coming from the Red Marquee?

It's French band M83 - named after a distant galaxy - and I'm glad I finally caught up with them because I've been a fan of these electro-shoegazers for years.

M83's sublime electro-pop is an uplifting and inspiring start to this year's Fuji Rock festival and each song takes me - and about ten thousand other Fujirockers - higher and higher.

There's an intriguing blend of ambient, dance and experimental sounds in evidence, but M83 have recently veered away from their earlier psychedelic sound to head in a poppier direction.

Their version of Don't Save Us from the Flames is rousing. It sounds like pop for the twenty-first century.

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