Friday, July 25, 2008

Drip Rock

Fuji Rock 2008: Part 5
Bloc Party

Unless you've been hiding out in a cave in Pakistan for the past five years, you probably know Bloc Party are one of the biggest bands to come out of England in ages. They’ve sold zillions of records and have just engaged in some highly publicized aggro with Johnny Rotten and the Sex Pistols.

There are about a thousand fans experiencing Bloc ecstasy in the mosh pit but I have to confess I don’t get it. For me, Bloc Party songs feature grand portentous statements which are uncomfortably palatable and yawn-inducing.

Modest, thoughtful and charismatically-challenged, they end up feeling like another of those stylish mega-rock bands with a M.E.S.S.A.G.E. In that sense their biggest strength turns out to be their biggest weakness. I start to feel guilty for not enjoying their music because I’m quite sure I’d really enjoy their company down the pub.

Thoroughly unimpressed I slink away to track down some dinner, but ten minutes later, as I sit contentedly scarfing my fish and chips I can still hear Bloc Party’s indie-schmindie drip-rock reverberating through the drizzling rain.

Fujirockers: Interview

Names: Pico, Bif, Diga.

From: Newcastle, Australia.

Why did you come to Fuji Rock? We thought it would be cool to do something different and visit Japan for two weeks, and include Fuji Rock.

Which artists do you especially want to see? Underworld, Bloc Party, Primal Scream. And Gotye - they're Australian.

What’s the best thing about Fuji Rock? The beer and the convenience.

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stoibee said...

Yes Shiffi - I'm with you on the BPs. I really want to like them but nothing about them engages me. My one concession was a remix that Burial did for them of "Where is Home", mainly because Burial stopped them from sounding like BP. I'm also ashamed to admit that what was left of the vocal reminded me of "Relax Take it Easy" by (gulp) Mika.