Thursday, July 24, 2008

We made it!

Fuji Rock 2008: Part 1
First Night at Fuji Rock


We made it!

A long drive up from Kyoto – in an eco-friendly biodiesel car - and we arrive at Fuji Rock just in time for the final hour of the first night party. It's great to be back in the gorgeous Naeba Valley.

Almost inevitably there are cute Japanese girls dressed as rabbits cavorting with western guys dressed as rock stars and there's an almost euphoric feeling of anticipation in the air as the DJ spins crowd-pleasing Underworld remixes.

He finishes with John Lennon’s Power to the People, a somewhat baffling choice since at 12.00 sharp the lights come up and marshalls with loudspeakers tell 2,000 raging party animals it's time to go to bed!

But it's probably a good idea to get a decent night's rest. Tomorrow’s when the real fun starts!

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