Sunday, December 10, 2006

Millionaires and Teddy Bears

Kevin Coyne (Art-Rock Angst)
iPod Choice: Having a Party (1978)

From the essential, absolutely classic Millionaires and Teddy Bears album. Over an elementary yet compelling guitar shuffle, the late Kevin Coyne rants against record industry mavens, "Fools in fool's hats" (specifically, Richard Branson). Celebrating and lamenting his outsider status, Coyne is characteristically gruff and incisive. You gotta be rough and tough and rough and tough to be a pop star. Just like the man said, "After Kevin Coyne, everything else is just toothpaste".

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Conchito Marrakon said...

Kevin Coyne was a genius. Unfortunately he passed away last year. Shoulda been a millionaire, but he was a helluva teddy bear.