Friday, July 25, 2008

Rockin' out!

Fuji Rock 2008: Part 6
The Vines

Remember that gaggle of 'The' bands - The Strokes, The Hives, The White Stripes - who emerged in the late-90s/early noughties?? Well here’s one of ‘em. It’s The Vines, rockin’ out big time in the Red Marquee.

These Aussie boys were hailed in 2002 as the saviors of rock, and the crowd respond enthusiastically to their entertaining, energetic brand of power punk. I have to push my way into the hall, which is crammed with 19-year old Japanese girls who are having the time of their lives.

Being in close proximity to their Aussie idols is almost too much for some of them. And one slightly older English blogger who finds the whole scene pretty electrifying, too.

Fujirockers: Interview

Names: Yoko, Hitomi.

From: Saitama.

Why did you come to Fuji Rock? Because our friends came.

Which artists do you especially want to see? Foreign music.

What’s the best thing about Fuji Rock? Yoko: The nature. Hitomi: Anything.

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