Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Favorite Aunt

Line Dancing
Camarthen, Wales

From ice skating to Olympic floor exercises, from Jazzercise to synchronized swimming, music and fitness are inextricably linked.

Another example is the worldwide phenomenon of Line Dancing. With its roots in country and western line-dance, it's a communal activity which involves groups of all ages and sizes who gather to learn steps of varying complexity. These are performed to the accompaniment of different musical styles - country, pop, techno and others.

The most popular routines become enshrined as line-dancing standards, and are then performed by different groups across the globe.

Naturally this kind of activity requires a leader and choreographer, and my favorite aunt teaches several line dance classes near her home in the beautiful rolling countryside of West Wales.

My aunt has always been the positive, active type and she's carved out quite a niche for herself as Wales' line-dancing answer to Bob Fosse.

I doubt you'll ever see me in a line dance - I've never been much of a joiner - but there's no doubt it's a great way to socialize and stay in shape.

Proof of this lies in the fact that, at 66, my aunt looks sensational, with a figure most women half her age would die for!


Cushion Meg said...

What an encouraging story for me as a dance enthusiast!
Your aunt is great! I want to be such a wonderful woman as she. OK, I will keep dancing. I’ll dance away! :D

ヒミツ said...

never been much of a jointer? i beg to differ...

Shiffi Le Soy said...

Hi Meg,

Yes she is quite a character and an inspiration to others, me included!

Cushion Meg said...

Hmm, I see. I'd like to see her if possible.